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How does it work?

Using Call2World Phone

After downloading the BizPhone app with an iPhone or an Android Smartphone, you only need to follow these two steps in order to make a call:

  1. Dial the phone number using your BizPhone keyboard or select the contact from your contact list.
  2. Press “Call”. At that very moment, the Masvoz cloud services platform will first send a call to your cell phone. When you answer, the platform will establish communication between you and the number you dialed in the first place.

To contact us, call 902 103 143, send an e-mail to or fill in the form available in our website

Getting Call2World Phone

The Call2World Phone service can be set up within 24h. You can start here or call 902 103 143:

  1. You only need to sign in at Call2World, providing the phone numbers of the employees that will be authorized to use this service.
  2. From that moment, the company takes over the costs of the employees’ phone calls through Call2World Phone.
  3. Phone rates are up to 80% lower than those offered by traditional phone providers, and there are unlimited configuration options (schedules, voice mail, automatic responses, etc.).

Advantages of Call2World Phone

  • Savings: phone rates are up to 80% lower than those offered by traditional phone providers.
  • Even more Savings: no additional costs for purchasing new devices.
  • Comfort: there is no longer any need to manage your employees’ mobile devices.
  • Freedom: no fixed-period settlements.
  • Promptness: the service will instantly be activated and deactivated.
  • Flexibility: the amount of hired lines adapts to the company’s needs with no waiting time.
  • Configuration: You can set up the phone number people will see when you call, the availability schedule, voice mail, automatic time set responses, etc.
  • Customization: you can obtain a customized version of Call2World Phone for your company, with its logo and brand-name only accessible to the employees.

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